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Social Media Marketing

Be The Friend Your Customers Want To Buy From

Our most popular service is social media marketing. It’s easy to see why: our founder, Kaleb Nation, has generated 50,000,000 views on his YouTube channel, 12,000,000 additional views on his other channels, and over 250,000 followers on Twitter. With over 9 years of social media marketing experience, Kaleb’s strategies have been used by businesses and on his own projects to drive over 11,000,000 website hits without paying for advertising. We implement Kaleb’s unique marketing principles to attract real traffic to you, and convert visitors into buyers.

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Brands We Have Worked With

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Grow Your Online Following

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Over 50,000,000 Views

Over 12,000,000 Views

Over 2,900,000 Views

Increase Follower Interaction
Over 1,400,000 views in June 2014

[dropcaps type=’elegant’ color=’#d14950′ background_color=” border_color=”]A[/dropcaps] fan is the most valuable customer for an author, speaker, CEO, or any other creator. Even a midsize group of dedicated admirers can take your business into the stratosphere through their word-of-mouth marketing. Companies like Apple and Taco Bell have achieved rockstar status amongst buyers who promote their new products for them, for free. Social media can help you reach them.

Follower Growth & Cultivation
Over 250,000 Followers

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Get More Views With Video SEO

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We can produce your videos from start to finish (see: Video Production). But maybe you’ve already uploaded videos yourself. By applying our Video SEO strategies to the content you’ve already created, we can increase your video visibility and bring more views from potential customers.

[dropcaps type=’elegant’ color=’#d14950′ background_color=” border_color=”]W[/dropcaps]hen someone is searching for you on YouTube, the first thing they see is your video’s tiny thumbnail. Which of these do you think your customer is more likely to click on?

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We create video thumbnails that increase your views and attract attention! See more examples below.

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Advertise With Social Media

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Our social media marketing techniques increase your visibility instantly. But if you’d like to see even faster results, we also specialize in designing advertising strategies across all major social media platforms, including:

Facebook Ads

Precisely target the customer you are looking for on the website used by over 829,000,000 every day (Facebook Data, June 2014). Because Facebook gathers rich data on their users, their platform can reach the exact demographic you are looking for and help you connect with potential customers in the same place they connect with family and friends.

YouTube Ads

The fastest way to get views to a new YouTube video or channel is to use YouTube’s own advertising platform. With Google as a parent company, YouTube has evolved its video marketing system to place your videos in front of the people who are looking for you but might not know you exist. With over 1 billion unique users a month, YouTube.com is the modern industry standard for video marketing.

Twitter Ads

Online, your company is often judged by the popularity of its Twitter profile. The number of followers can tell your customer many things: Is your company legitimate? How many others have tested your products? Since online popularity grows through word-of-mouth, newcomers find that follower cultivation is time-consuming. However, Twitter ads can place your profile in front of millions with interests similar to yours, and grow your following at turbo speed!

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Need More?

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From concept, to production, to launch, to ongoing campaign management, we are on hand to make sure you receive the best results. We can manage all aspects of your social media marketing on almost any platform, so even if you are unfamiliar with social media — and have no interest in touching it! — your company will benefit from the best online marketing strategy while you’re free to focus on what you do best.

Vine Management
Instagram Management
Google+ Management
Tumblr Management
Creative Concept Writing
Video Scripting
Profile Graphic Design (including photography)
Co-management of your accounts (“do it with you”)
Analytics & Tracking Setup
Video Editing (see: Video Production)
Custom Vine Uploads (upload videos produced offline)

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Need massive attention to you or your product? We know the secret behind getting positive attention and building hype online on a global scale. It's so powerful, most businesses won't need it.