Advanced Online Marketing Solutions

Create Global Visibility By Giving Your Strategy Superpowers

We are pros at creating hype. Some of our services fall outside the needs and budget of small and medium-sized businesses but can be vital to the success of those looking to reach a global audience. If you are ready to supercharge your online marketing, we can capture attention and attract the eyes you are looking for.

Organic Trending Topics

A trending topic on Twitter is the ultimate in online visibility. The top-10 list shows the most popular and most discussed phrases throughout Twitters millions of users during a certain time. For a major launch or event, a trending topic can mean instant global attention.

Buying an ad for a trending topic on Twitter can cost $200,000 or more. Organic trending topics (those created by real users) cost nothing.

Kaleb Media has been the driving force behind more than 4 organic trending topics, including 2 at #1. We can help you develop a strategy to reach the charts and be seen by millions.

Twitter Verified Badge

The small, blue checkmark beside a profile on Twitter immediately identifies the account as a person or company of influence. The check is reserved for celebrities, CEO’s, authors, movie stars, major companies, and others who are commonly impersonated online. The badge cannot be bought and Twitter does not accept public requests for verification, and the mystery surrounding it only increases its exclusivity and the perceived value it provides.

We are responsible for three verified accounts on Twitter. Follower count does not contribute to receiving the badge — one of our accounts had only 2¬†followers when Verified.

Our company is one of very few with direct access to request verification for a Twitter account. Due to our unique experience with Twitter, we can help expedite your verification process.

Online Celebrities & Influencers

We retain a close network of Internet influencers whose total views have passed 1 billion. Online personalities speak to niches in unique ways and are very influential voices in the buying decisions of their audiences. Unlike film or TV celebrities, Internet celebs tend to have lower cost and drive better results.

With our deep understanding of the online world, we can identify online influencers who will help your brand and manage all aspects of including them in your strategy. Whether you need to reach a Twitter influencer, YouTube celebrity, or popular blogger, we can make the connection.